How social media can help your ecommerce website rank on Google | An EKM Guide  

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With the ever-changing landscape of social media, keeping up with changes can be a challenge for anyone - especially a busy business owner like yourself. But it’s important to know and understand how the use of social media can help you not only improve your brand awareness but also, your organic Google rankings.  

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In this guide, our in-house experts have divulged their knowledge and expertise in all areas of focus which can help you to boost your online shop’s organic ranking. They’ll be covering: 


Getting Started

How to get set up and ensure your social profiles are aligned with your brand



Creating content to increase engagement, brand awareness and drive



Inserting your content into a solid social media strategy created for success



How to make the biggest SEO impact from your social media



Investing in PPC and building trust and relevancy  


Image Guidelines

Investing in PPC and building trust and relevancy  

Meet Our Experts 


Eve Bolan - Content Writer

Eve has been a writer for over twenty years in various different guises providing content for blogs, magazines, industry news, press releases, websites and social media. She’s a strong believer that ‘practice makes perfect’ and everyone can create quality content for their own online presence. At EKM has worked in both Customer Support and within the Ecommerce Experts team previously, dealing with queries, live tutorials and site reviews. 


Mike Croft - PPC Specialist

Mike began his career with a broad digital marketing role, social media marketing, web design, SEO and CRO. He discovered how to get quick results using Google Ads and Facebook/Instagram Ads which he’s spent that last 2 years perfecting. Focusing on direct response marketing for service-based businesses and ecommerce stores.  

Currently working as a Google Ads and Facebook Expert with the accounts spending £1.3 million and generating £11.5 million over the last 12 months. Mike believes that there’s a profitable way to promote your business, you just need to implement the best channel strategies.  


Rehan Patel - Digital Marketing Executive

Rehan has expertise in digital marketing across multiple industries. He has been a search specialist in his current and previous roles with a focus on growing organic inbound traffic through SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).  

Starting his career in software development before moving to digital marketing, he has built a range of experience within the technology field and has a solid understanding on the different methods and models required for helping both SME's and corporate businesses.  


Rachel Smith - Digital Marketing Executive 

Rachel works in Digital Marketing with a focus on content and campaigns, developing content strategies to build audiences and drive traffic and engagement has been at the core of activities. Her experience spans across multiple industries from Accounting to Energy and ecommerce.  

Equipped with this knowledge you’ll be able to tackle your Google rankings like a pro and climb your way up the Google results page.  

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