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Bring your orders from EKM, Etsy, Amazon, eBay, and more into one easy to manage dashboard. OnePatch connects seamlessly with EKM to provide a smooth and efficient selling experience across each of your other sales channels.

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The main benefits of OnePatch

  • Inventory stock syncing - Sync your inventory each time you receive an order. OnePatch will deduce the stock quantity from the other integrations each time an order is placed.
  • Ecommerce dashboard - Saves time logging into multiple websites or marketplaces to see your sales. OnePatch’s Ecommerce Dashboard connects to all of your sales channels to display sales by integrations.
  • Integration-based edit (IBE) - Upload your products to OnePatch, then using IBE you can directly edit your product's information specifically for a sale channel.
  • POS - Using OnePatch’s POS (Create Order) allows you to make retail sales with your Products/Inventory

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*25% off for 3 months for new EKM customers

New EKM customers get 25% off Multi-channel ecommerce integration from OnePatch for 3 months.

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